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Static Web Sites

A static website is ideal for projects where changes will be made infrequently, and where budget is a primary concern. Sometimes called a "brochure site", it is intented to offer simple information about your business and contact information.

Dynamic Web Sites

Dynamic websites use programming and databases to allow the flow of data in and out of the website, and also to make meaningful relationships with the data. For example, an online business directory may allow local businesses to sign up and create profiles for their businesses. Visitors to the site may then search the directory based on their needs. For example, they may conduct a search for a lawyer in their zip code who speaks Spanish, or for a dance school in the area that offers tap dancing classes.

Dynamic sites are ideal for online sales and shopping carts, blogs, catalogs and more complex custom projects like social interaction sites and online games.

VIP's dynamic websites empower their owners with the ability to upload information on their own, through password protected administrative interfaces. No knowledge about HTML or programming is required to update or maintain such a site.

Consulting Services

If you are a website designer looking to incorporate dynamic applications into your web projects, VIP Business Solutions can help. Using widely supported Open Source technologies like PHP, jQuery, Apache and mySQL, we can work with you to design and build out simple to complex business process applications to suit your project.

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